J-SOHO is a small studio, which currently focuses on developing Joomla extension and integrating them with mobile. We intend to help users start up their website more easily and prettier.

O.D.M. is in Alpha version.

We'd like to use these extensions below to build up a responsive-designed site quickly to sell digital products.

Just create a Paypal account, Braintree, you can receive the money.

The advantage of selling products in your site is to build up your brand. 

The advantage of using ODM in your site is that save your time.


Extension Document

Updated on 2014-08-31 07:56:35

Extension Installation

- Instruction


OnePage Design V1.4

Now we try a new thing - Medium. It seems that it's easy to create a pretty cool document.

You can follow our collection here, Link


Document Catalogue.

Before using OnePage, you should know...

Overview Of Backend

Page Edit Panel In Backend

What's Level Element?

Create A Section

Create Level3 Element - Part 1(Item)

Create Level3 Element - Part 2(Contact Form, Subscription Form)

Create Level3 Element - Part 3(Gmap,Image) 

Create Level2 Element - Part 1(Vertical Layout, OverLay Layout)

Create Level2 Element - Part 2(Carousel)

Navigation Bar & Sidebar

-- Work With Dlocker -- 

Create Level3 Element - Dlocker Product


3rd Party Function

How to use Google Font

How to use Google Anaylitics


Known Bugs

We'll keep updating the document daily.


Digital Locker

Create A Product

How To Use MailChimp

Mobile - (JS) Push Notification

Updated on 2014-06-26 09:30:44


We are glad to tell you a new extension is released, although it's in Beta Version.

As the name mentioned, it's a Joomla extension to push notification for IOS app.

If you would like to manage APNS in your own server, don't miss it!

Since it's a Beta version, we set a pre-order price, that means the beta update in excluded in the one-year update.

If you'd like to know more before purchase, drop us a line!

Purchase Link!


To be continued...

More details will be updated here.

OnePage V 1.4.0 Beta

Updated on 2014-04-29 13:32:59

OnePage V 1.4.0 Beta will be released on May 3rd!


Hurry up to get the promotion price, we will raise the price after 3rd...(Purchase) (Demo)
If you have purchased OnePage before, you can email us to apply one-month free trial.


What's new and future in this version?
  • Re-design the backend. We update the same layout as Digital Locker and JS Money System to keep all the panel clean and simple. The page design flow becomes smoother!
  • JS & CSS. Now it is allowed to add your favourite JS plugin and css stylesheet to implement effects you like in different pages.
  • More types supported. 
  • Integrate with snippet. How can't we use the snippets shared by such as Bootsnip and Startup Framework, right? we'd like to integrate with these sources so that users can make more beautiful pages in Joomla Platform. We have successfully build a demo page in the demo site.

However, version 1.4.0 will not be compatible with old versions in short term!

(Document will be released later...)


At last, below are preview images of latest version, thanks for your reading.

-- End --

What Else? - Push Notification

It's a Joomla extension to manage notification with Apple Push Notification currently.

Push Notification is one of Jays's old project. Ye, he didn't do well in it before. Now he try it again. if you have a new project and looking for the service like that, don't miss this good choice.

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