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What To Prepare For Selling Digital Product Usually


Products Update & Bug Fix


Setup A Server


Homepage Design


Content Update


Payment Integration


User Management

All things mentioned above cost much time!

Joomla! Platform and its plenty of extensions do help a lot,

but to get familiar with each extension causes this problem again.

On the other hand, low budget is anthoer chanllenge.

That means, they have to DIY and spend "much" time one more time!

Here's Our solution for you

Digital Locker & (JS) Money

We provide flexibale plans. if you just share your free product, Dlocker is a total free extension for this function. You need to buy (JS) Money when you sell the products.

(JS) Money is not free, but the price is reasonable. $30 for 6 months in the promotion time, just cost $5 per month, you can run the bussiness quickly.

Digital Locker solves your product and user management headache. You can force user to subscribe the newsletter to download instead of registration, which reduces the rejection of potential users.

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The promotion price will be end until the version come to 1.0.0 RC

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